Against the evil deal between Baku & Budapest. The Central Council of Armenia in Germany calls for organizing demonstrations in front of the Hungarian diplomatic institutions in Germany

On September 1the Central Council of Armenia in Germany (CCAG) issued a press release in which the Council expressed its annoyance regarding the decision of the Hungarian authorities to extradite the murderer Ramil Safarov who was sentenced to life imprisonment and granting him pardon by the President of Azerbaijan and making a hero of him.

CCAG expresses his protest against the evil deal made between Hungary and Azerbaijan violating all the principles of international law. The announcement goes, “it is unforgiveable that Baku grants pardon to murderer Safarov immediately after his extradition and worships him. Equally unforgivable is Budapest’s step. Hungary could clearly foresee that Baku would not fulfill her promises and the murderer would not suffer his punishment in his homeland”.

The murder was committed exclusively on the ethnic ground and the European governments should express their views and give their political assessment about the incident clearly. CCAG welcomes the decision of the Republic of Armenia to cease all  the diplomatic relations with Hungary, as well as considers  the  severe criticisms  against the Hungarian and Azeri governments made by high-ranking French, Swedish, Hungarian and U.S. officials  as exemplary  and hopes that the German authorities will follow  to the examples of their  European  and transoceanic partners  and will  adequately condemn Baku- Budapest governments for the crime they committed.

“Such conspiracies should not be tolerated and they should have their equivalent international consequences. Hungary's ideas of legality, which the country displayed, are totally incompatible with the fundamental values ​​of the European Union” said the President of the CCAG Azat Ordukhanyan in the press release.

The Board of the CCAG finds that with this step Hungary not only openly betrayed the European values and damaged the reputation of the European Union, but also rose on the appalling as well dangerous stage of clearly supporting terrorism. The Board regrets that this scandal, as a shameful stigma, will be written on façade of the Hungarian government building.
The CCAG once again reminds the European governments that by justifying and idolizing a   murderer who “chopped off” a sleeping man, the Azeri authorities and public openly put the emphasis of their policy on advocating Armenia-phobia and anti-Armenian principles. They are not even concerned of international condemnations when killing Armenians in the capitals of Europe. They reaffirm the simple truth stated by the nation of Artsakh for decades: the only warrant for the security of their life and property is the international recognition of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. This will serve as a minimum barrier against the constant Azeri threat and will assure sustainable development for the people living there.
The Central Council of Armenia in Germany calls  all the Armenian communities, organizations as well as  individuals  to make protests in front of the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin as well as in front of all Hungarian  diplomatic institutions in other cities of Germany.

The Board of the Central Council of Armenians in Germany

Frankfurt am Main


02 September 2012.

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